quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2011

Deixem os livros serem livros

Um pertinente post de Larry Nolen sobre a nova tendência de tornar a linguagem dos clássicos literários mais "acessível". O meu contributo para essa discussão está na caixa de comentários e transcrevo-o verbatim para aqui:

«David Soares said:
I think it's a sign of the times, a consequence of the rapacity with wich we absorb information: pruning literary works that way seems to me like just one more nail in the coffin of knowledge, since absorbing information and absorbing knowledge are two different things.

I am a writer and I like excentric, uncustomary (and just plain weird) words. I truly believe that being a writer is all about that: being in love with extraordinary language.

That's why I love authors like Alexander Theroux, John Barth, Lawrence Sterne (and others) so much. In Portugal we had a great and unique writer of words that was Aquilino Ribeiro - even his children's book (The Novel of the Fox) is full of offbeat and odd words.

But today we (writers) hear: don't use adjectivation, don't use the exclamation point, don't use adverbs, don't use this and that... So what can we use in order to make a literary text don't look like something you could read in Newsday or Metro?...

We truly need to let books be books again (and unashamedly).